Dave Kohlmeier
Host of the Problem Solver TV Show and Podcast. David was a police officer for 17 years. David started his career as an NYPD officer in the 73 Pct in Brooklyn North. He later became a MTA Police Officer and worked 911. After 911, David moved to Las Vegas and became a Henderson Patrol Officer in which he focused on community policing and crime prevention. He later retired and became The Host of the Problem Solver show in which he helps people with their problems or directs them to people who can solve their problems. David worked in several law firms over the past 8 years in which he has numerous connections to attorneys and medical providers. David is committed to helping people with problems and legal issues. David is not an attorney but is able to use his resources and connections to solve anyone's problems.

Daniel Minor
Danny is a retired police officer and Detective. He served 27 years in law enforcement. He is now the Host of The Crime Solver Podcast (www.TheCrimeSolver.com). Danny loves to share his police knowledge and opinions on recent criminal cases across the Nation. His witty humor and detailed police background has engaged people all around the world. Danny will soon be featured in movies and documentary TV shows. Please follow The Crime Solver on Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook.

Beija Rivera
Beija is a Co Host to The Problem Solver and also the Director of Business Development for the Las Vegas Medical Network. Beija helps people that are injured in Las Vegas and Nationwide.  www.LasVegasMedicalNetwork.com
Beija has a passion for helping people that need medical attention.

Gentile Chhun -
Gentile is very well known for her being involved in Reality shows on TV though she is a successful realtor in Las Vegas. Gentile buys and sells real estate all over the world. She has tons of opinions and expertise in various topics and is a lot of fun on the Problem Solver show.  Follow Gentile on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentille1

Laura Powers  -
Laura Michelle Powers is a Celebrity Psychic and Psychic Medium. She is also a Host, Entertainer and Writer. She can be located: www.healingpowers.net | www.powershour.biz | www.laurapowers.net  Her contact information: lauramichellepowers@gmail.com | 310-598-7871

          Laura's Music: https://www.laurapowers.net/new-album-1