• Vicki
    1 year(s) ago
    Dave really helped me with a big problem. His response time was immediate and his resources are amazing. 5 stars
  • Edgar Stubbs
    2 year(s) ago
    I've gotten to know David over the years & I've come to realize he is a very rare gem > Someone who genuinely wants to help others! With his background as a police officer & his years working in the legal industry, he also has tons of great contacts!
  • Laura Barraza
    2 year(s) ago
    Dave is as good as it gets, honestly. Out of everyone that I requested to get help from, he was the very first person to get back to me as quickly and as efficiently as possible. He tries to understand your situation to resolve it no matter the issue
  • Danny
    2 year(s) ago
    David Kohlmeier is all about helping people. He is the guy you call when you need help at 1am and he immediately jumps out of bed and comes to your aid. He really is the Problem Solver. That's the best way to describe him.
  • Alex Pennington
    2 year(s) ago
    Since the moment I met David Kohlmeier he has been such a great help and he genuinely cares about people.
    I’ve been going through a lot in my life and he has been a constant and has always allows him self to available for whatever needs I have!
  • Greg Geller
    2 year(s) ago
    David Kohlmeier is awesome!
    Really cares about helping people and our community.

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