• Anonymous User
    6 month(s) ago
    Question. Why the fuck hasn't your husband gone the short walk to their house and slapped the shit out of somebody? And why hasn't her husband tried the same?
  • Anonymous User
    6 month(s) ago
    This is the help I got
  • Michelle
    1 year(s) ago
    I have worked with David on a couple occasions in regards to helping me with my tickets. He and his team are always available and willing to help. I appreciate the promptness and professionalism they all have!!
  • Alex Pennington
    2 year(s) ago
    David has been such a blessing in my life has made things so much easier for my self! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for David Kohlmeier !!
  • Cathryn Ann Quinn
    2 year(s) ago
    David and his attorney were awesome and answered all my questions. I appreciate them so much
  • Edgar Stubbs
    2 year(s) ago
    David is a class act who genuinely enjoys helping people. With his background as a Henderson police officer and his countless contacts in the legal community, you can count on him to help you solve your problems.
  • Greg Geller
    2 year(s) ago
    David Kohlmeier is awesome!
    Really cares about helping people and our community.

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